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Are you a creative business owner?

As a creative business owner, your goal is to succeed in utilizing your amazing creative gifts to generate profit.  In order to do this, you need to create and sell your work to other people.

I find a lot of artists and creatives struggle to discover the formula to this success.  Even some of the most talented artists struggle because they do not understand how to successfully market and sell their work.

What I find a lot of creatives are missing is clear branding strategy.  

creating a brand strategy

What does it mean to build a brand strategy?

“Branding” is a buzz-word that many don’t really understand.  While your brand incorporates your style, point of view, voice, maybe even a logo… it has much more to do with your ideal client and niche than anything else.

Most businesses exist to solve their customers’ problems.  Creative businesses are no different.

In order to be successful, you must identify your target audience, or ideal clients, and their problems.  Once you know them, you can begin building your brand to facilitate them, and solve their problems with your creations. 

Once you do that, selling your creative product/service to them is easy!

branding template

Start you branding journey with a free template

I use this template for my own brands – both for my mural work and helping other creatives with their branding (hint: multiple audiences need separate branding strategies!)

I am sharing this branding template with you for free to help you build your brand strategy and create a successful creative business.

I also offer 1:1 consultations, and can personally help you create and refine your brand for optimal success!

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creative branding consultations

How I can help creatives develop their brand strategy

I pivoted my art business from struggling to sell original paintings to being booked out month to month for high paying mural work.  I did this by niching down and pinpointing an ideal client I could serve.

I want to use this experience and point of view to help other creatives do the same and shift their creative endeavors from a struggling side hustle to full on career!

To do so, I am offering 1:1 Creative Brand Consultations

This is a brand new offering for me, and I want to be able to help the people who need these services the most, so please don’t hesitate to contact me about alternative pricing that can accommodate your budget. 

Bullets under each offering are suggested framework, but we can discuss whatever you need specifically within the session time. 

In general my packages are as follows:

30 minute consultation: $35

– pinpointing your niche/ideal client

– creating for your ideal client

60 minute consultation: $60

– everything in the 30 min consult plus:

– going over your branding template

– developing a business checklist 

– pricing your products and services

90 minute consultation: $80

– everything in the 60 min consult plus:

– finding, communicating and retaining clients

– social media marketing strategy

– developing your unique voice and pov

I’m excited to work you through your brand building journey and see where it takes your creative business!  I am confident having a branding strategy in place and implementing changes based on it will show positive results when it comes to making a profit from your creative talents.

Consultations can take place in person (if local) or on Google Meet.

Payment can be done in cash, through paypal or venmo.