Hannah Lorra

centering human experience to transform space through art and design


Murals can transform people’s experience within a space and with each other.  With well informed, intentional design, we can elevate the energy of a space for years to come.

Hannah has painted walls since 2022 and has since dedicated herself to the large scale, aerosol medium.

It is an honor and a privilege to create large scale art for both public and private spaces.

crafting experiences since 2019

Hannah’s talent and passion is in creating meaningful experiences for people, whether that is through large scale public art, custom artwork, or user-centered design of products & events.

enhance your guest experience

As a 5+ years Airbnb Superhost herself, Hannah knows that in the short term rental market, a well designed mural will act as a backdrop to your guests’ vacation and inspire them with positivity during their stay. 

Happy guests = five star reviews and referrals to even more quality guests. It’s that simple.

creatively solving problems on and offline

Trained in user experience design, Hannah brings a holistic, user-centered approach to problem solving as both a designer, artist and scientist.

She is passionate about utilizing data driven design thinking to help create solutions that enhance peoples’ experience with digital products as well as real life events as an experience designer.

conveying intrigue through art

Hannah is, first and foremost, an artist at heart.  The artistic themes in her original works pose contrasting elements of light and dark together to create a beautiful juxtaposition. 

When she isn’t working on large scale mural art or design work, she loves to paint themes inspired by tattoo culture, spirituality and the natural world.


bring your vision to life

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