exploring life after death

Nearly two years after the sudden death of my mother, I’ve chosen to devote my personal artistic practice to expressing the potential of the immaculate beauty that awaits the soul after death.

While contemplating the belief in an afterlife, faith in the unknown, death rituals, and how embracing and accepting death can enrich the lives of the living, my ultimate goal is to help all those who have lost, those who fear death, or those who seek to explore the realms of the afterlife see the world beyond as something beautiful and real in our everyday lives.

It is with a whole hearted belief and knowing that I transmute the light that exists within the void of the otherside.  I portray this all encompassing, emanating light energy through radiantly glowing spirit-flower forms, divine beings, and other imagery that connects the spirit realm to themes we can relate to in our material lives here on Earth.

In keeping this realm in our conscious mind, we can accept and embrace the rich blessings and lessons death can teach us about living.  In believing in its beauty, we can let go of fear, and take comfort in knowing whole, radiant life awaits and surrounds us and all our loved ones at every moment.

Ethereal Dahlia series

"Ethereal dahlia no. 1 - infra"

4ft x 4ft aerosol and acrylic on stretched canvas 


10in x 10in framed paper prints

coming soon

When I chose this flower to reference, I hadn’t noticed it was in fact a dahlia flower.  My mother’s name is Delia.  I don’t personally believe in coincidences, and take this as a subtle nod from her from the other side.  I had already had the path of creating glowing, radiant flowers to symbolize the “spirit realm” revealed to me, and this additional sign only solidified the direction.  My mother always encouraged me to paint flowers, and so this series is long in the making to bring life to honor or love and vision.  This “Infra” is the first of a three part series.  

past work

"you, me, and apocalypse us"

3ft x 4ft acrylic on canvas 


high quality semi gloss prints

coming soon


hand embellished & mounted paper prints – coming soon

"tropical depression"