Hey, I'm Hannah.

I’m a freelance UX designer and visual artist based out of Tampa, FL.

I came to UX as a means to support my art career after a devastating jiu jitsu accident left me with a torn ACL and unable to support myself bartending.  Needless to say, I’m happy I made the switch.  UX truly recognizes the breadth of my strengths and experiences.

My job history involves being a visual artists, working in the veterinary field, and extensive work in hospitality as a server, bartender and Airbnb host.  Each of these experiences informs my design work in unique ways.

My background as a visual artist affords me a natural eye for design, while my education and work experience as a biologist provide me with the tools for analyzing well thought out data.  My years in hospitality help me consider the user at every step – the customer is always right.

Outside of design I enjoy traveling with my partner and dog, painting, yoga, meditation, jiu jitsu and organizing community events.  I want to soak up all this life has to offer, and take advantage of each day to create a life I’m excited about.