Hannah Lorra

Hi, I’m Hannah! I am a Latina artist born and raised in Tampa, FL. 

I graduated from the University of South Florida with a Biology degree but left the veterinary field in 2019 to pursue a career as an artist with the financial support of jobs like serving, bartending and Hosting on Airbnb. 

I learned User Experience (UX) Design in early 2022 after a jiu jitsu accident/surgery left me unable to work on my feet in the hospitality industry for some time. I learned the process of design thinking, and referred to my STEM background to inform the data analyses involved in making user-informed design choices in experience design. This education, combined with my love for creative freedom, helps inform the way I approach public art and design.

In Summer 2022 my mother left this world, leaving a massive absence in all the lives of those she knew.  That same year I had my first mural painting experience when I helped my partner paint a memorial portrait of her at Suwannee Music Park for Hulaween 2022.  I’ve been painting walls ever since.

In 2023, after years of being a SuperHost with Airbnb, I started offering my creative services to short term rentals.  Combining my experience as a Host, my eye for art and design, and knowing the importance of crafting a guest’s experience – I have built a successful portfolio of stunning murals that have expanded to public and business clients.

Creatively, I love experimenting with themes like flora/fauna, spirituality, portraiture, street art, typography and surrealism. It’s my ultimate creative desire to blend beautiful design with darker themes to create interesting juxtaposition. 

I am so grateful to work with amazing clients on fulfilling projects. It’s wonderful to create things that elevate people’s experiences, wherever they may be.  It is an awesome responsibility to be entrusted to paint walls for others, and design experience for people to enjoy and grow together.

Alongside painting, I help organize events and festivals like Tampa Walls!, to help uplift the art community.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time in nature and traveling with my partner, Tony Krol, and dog, Juniper! When I’m not working, I am painting/creating for fun, reading, practicing yoga & meditation, and going to festivals and concerts.

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