Hi! I’m Hannah, a freelance UX designer and visual artist based out of Tampa, FL.  I enjoy crafting solutions that elevate peoples’ freedom to connect with what brings them joy.

My background as a visual artist and biological scientist provide me with a holistic approach to design thinking. I am able to problem solve empathic, beautiful solutions from well prioritized research data.  A passion for well informed, unique composition serves to differentiate my work in UX design and informs my personal approach to user centered ideation.

Outside of design I enjoy traveling with my partner, painting, yoga, jiu jitsu and organizing community events. Cultivating a life of expansive adventure to continuously grow and learn from is important to me.  

I have immense appreciation for the empathy nourished by experiences, professional and recreational, that inspire my design and artistic work.  A lifelong learner, I am always in pursuit of opportunities to expand my skills and knowledge.

Let's Connect

If this resonates with you, let’s create time to have a conversation about how my skills can help your vision thrive.